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The Southern California Naturist Association
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April 15, 2002
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Members of the former Elysium Fields nudist resort in Los Angeles have formed a new organization, The Southern California Naturist Association.

"Our mission is to promote and encourage clothing-optional recreation, education, and personal growth," said SCNA's newly elected president, [name removed]. "We intend to carry forward the core vision of Elysium's founder, Ed Lange, into the future."

Elysium Fields occupied 9 acres in Topanga Canyon just north of Los Angeles for over 30 years until the heirs of Ed Lange, its founder, decided to sell the property two years ago. An attempt to open a new location in Malibu for the nudist resort failed last year.

Members of the Association elected a governing board of directors two weeks ago, comprised mostly of former Elysium members. [name removed] served on the Elysium Board of Directors for three years before resigning last summer. Also elected were Tony Wilkinson as Membership Vice President, [name removed] as Communications Coordinator, and [name removed] as Finance Chair. [name removed], longtime activist for Beachfront USA, AANR and Naturist Society was elected to one of "At-large" board positions.

Unlike the old Elysium, this association has no permanent site and will operate as a travel club for the next few years, until funds can be raised to buy property for a new base of operations. SCNA plans to focus on building a broad-based membership of affiliated smaller nudist clubs throughout Southern California, especially on local college campuses.

"We know from experience and also from national polls that people in their 20's to early 30's are very open to the idea of social nudity, although they may not be able to afford to go to landed resorts until they are in their mid-30's. Since Elysium closed there had been no place for these people to go. At the same time new housing developments have encroached on many of the favorite beach locations, and the few remaining established clubs and resorts in Southern California, all established over 40 years ago, have stopped marketing actively for new younger members, and have consequently seen their members become middle aged.

"Our Association will underwrite such activities as beach volleyball, camping, harbor sailing, and other recreational and health-oriented events, and by so doing, bring life back to the naturist movement in the region. Naturism in Southern California is an accepted practice in homes and backyards every day and we think we can tap into that marketing", said [name removed].

"We also intend to publish a new magazine, beginning in about six months, that will focus on the philosophical, social, and moral issues that swirl around the global naturist movement today."

"Also, unlike many of the older AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) landed resorts who do not allow hugging between couples, prevent same-sex couples from becoming members, disallow the wearing of body jewelry, or even refusing to hold massage training workshops, the SCNA will practice an inclusive policy. Allowing a broad variety of lifestyles to safely intermix will break down prejudices, and encourages respect and personal understanding between people who otherwise would never meet. We will also encourage all our members to join AANR and The Naturist Society to support their ongoing legal and marketing efforts on behalf of all naturists in the country."

SCNA has over 100 memberships already in its first two months of existence. Some members have volunteered their homes for pool parties, while others are donating the use of home computers and other office equipment to get things started.

SCNA is currently building a web site, but until it becomes official, interested people in the Los Angeles area can contact SCNA via email at .

[ The SCNA web site, , is now in operation! ]

[ The name of the SCNA President has been removed at the request of that individual. Names of others who appeared in the original press release, other than my own, have also been removed at the request of the same individual. ]

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